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My Thoughts on the Supreme Court's Immunity Ruling

I answer your questions: What's an "official" act? Do any parts of the government check SCOTUS? Am I fearful for democracy?

You’ve all been asking me to help you understand the Supreme Court’s ruling yesterday on presidential immunity. The Court ruled that Trump does have immunity for his official acts as president, meaning actions he took as part of his official duties are protected.

However, the Court did not decide if all of his actions in question were official acts. Instead, they sent the case back to the lower courts to determine which actions were covered by this immunity and which were not.

Today I talked to Steve Vladeck, who writes a great newsletter about the Supreme Court called One First. Vladeck is a law professor at UT-Austin, and expert on the Supreme Court. What he had to say is very eye opening.

I hope you’ll listen to this — it’s not behind a paywall. And there is something at the end I really want you to hear. Please feel free to share.

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