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Welcome to The Preamble

History and politics from Sharon McMahon, America's Government Teacher.

The Preamble is a daily newsletter that will help you feel more confident in your knowledge about how government and politics work in the United States. This is a place to learn and have interesting discussions with people who think differently than you. If you’re looking for a newsletter that tells you what idiots the _________________ (fill in your preferred political group) are, you won’t find that here. Because what the world needs is more contributors, not more critics. 

I don’t have corporate backers or investors, my ability to do my work is dependent upon people like you. I want teachers and students to be able to learn from it, and for people who can’t afford to contribute to be able to freely access valuable information. If you believe in my work and can afford to chip in, I would be so grateful! 

In addition to the newsletter, paid subscribers will be able to ask me questions, which I can respond to in a weekly video. They also get access to exclusive content (like my famous historic deep dives!), and have the ability to comment on my newsletters and engage with my community.

Thanks for being here, and I can’t wait to see what we create, together.